Lightest of all Plumbing Materials

Orangeberg PVC Sanitary Pipes & Fittings are by far the lightest of any plumbing system. Its specific gravity is less than one-fifth the specific gravity of steel and cast iron. Three meter length pipes are easily carried. Because of its lightness in weight, it is easy to transport, handle and install, especially in tight places. It is also highly resistant to sunlight and rain. Its mechanical properties and pipe performance are not affected by the climate and can be installed in any kind of weather conditions.


Orangeberg PVC Sanitary Pipes & Fittings are totally resistant to all waste system liquids and gases. It is highly resistant to an extremely wide range of chemicals. It is being used now in chemical plants to convey concentrated acids and strong alkaline solutions – chemicals which would quickly destroy metallic plumbing pipes. Now you can have a chemical piping system for your in house plumbing job.

High Impact Resistance

Impact blow that would hopelessly break the best of today’s cast iron pipe or dent copper plumbing pipe glance harmlessly off Orangeberg PVC Sanitary Pipes. Rough handling, backfilling, traffic loads, vibration, temperature changes – the hazards which make metallic plumbing jobs unusable are no problem with Orangeberg PVC Sanitary Pipes & Fittings.

Performance Tested and Time Tested

Orangeberg PVC Sanitary Pipes & Fittings are produced under the most rigid production supervision and undergoes the most comprehensive quality tests before they are dispatched from the factory. Consistent samplings, torture tests quality checks are part of the standard manufacturing procedure in a 24-hour, round the clock duty of a quality control personnel, hand-in-hand with production staffs. Orangeberg PVC Sanitary Pipes and Fittings with its unique superior properties offers a long-lasting, trouble-free plumbing system.

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